Recent Bus Terminal Alerts

A prior MVA on the lower level exit of the PABT has been cleared. There may be some residual delay exiting the lower level north wing.

The prior MVA in the Center tube has been cleared. Some residual delays will result for departures from the lower level.

There is a MVA in the Center tunnel. Crews are responding. There can be some delay outbound from PABT lower level as a result.

The previous disabled vehicle in the south tunnel is now clear. There are residual delays for departures out of the PA Bus Term.

The PA Bus Term for Departures (NJ-bound) is experiencing a delay due to a disabled vehicle.

The prior disabled vehicle in the Center tube of the LT has been cleared. There may be some residual delay outbound (to NJ).

The PABT is experiencing a delay outbound due to a disabled vehicle in the center tube. Crews are responding.

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